About King Floyd's

King Floyd’s bitters, syrups & salts are handcrafted in small batches.


We are a San Francisco based Bitters Company and we hand craft artisanal culinary bitters, salts & sugars, as well as syrups for enhancing and creating exceptional cocktails. Since the early days of King Floyd’s with the Launch of our Aromatic, Orange, and Cardamom bitters, King Floyd’s has been obsessed with procuring the best components on the market to create the best accessible libation ingredients available.

We make our products from the finest ingredients available on today’s market to ensure that our small batch’s potency & quality of their flavor profiles are up to the standards of the most refined flavor pallets in today’s industry. From our maceration & percolation techniques that we instill, down to the bottling and labeling of our products, everything made at King Floyds has our passion poured into it and is made of the highest caliber.

Since our start up in 2016, King Floyds has grown exponentially and allowed us to include an additional 8 flavors to our bitters category, an entire Gourmet Peanut Line, a Salt & Sugar rimming Line, and a new Syrup line which is still growing. All these additions have forced us move on up size wise to two warehouses which includes designated production and shipping areas, as well a beautiful tasting room.

Luke O’Neal
“Mad Scientist”
-Master Mixer-

Joshua Burks
“The Bartender”
-Head of Sales-

Roy Stockton
“The Bitter Ginger”
-Head of Production-

Everyone currently working at King Floyd’s in the mixing department, production department, and sales departments have been tenured Bartenders and have been friends with Lawrence Batterton (CEO/Owner) for many years, so when we say we know what we are doing, we say it with confidence, and look only to share that confidence with the world as far setting a standard for fresh is best and educating the masses on how to make and enjoy a properly balanced cocktail.

We hope you enjoy our products because we sure do.


Lawrence Batterton
“Chief Bottle Washer”
-CEO & Owner-