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King Floyd’s® Bitters ~ LIMITED RELEASE: Barrel Aged Aromatic

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King Floyd’s took our distinctive Aromatic Bitter and aged it in a French Oak Barrel for over a year. The results are fantastic - a smooth, woody and highly complex bitter. This perfectly balanced blend elevates the flavor & complexity of classics like the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, as well as many other bourbon based cocktails. Try it in your Bitters and Soda with a squeeze of Lime, you won’t be disappointed. Bottled once a year, on King Floyd’s birthday, this limited edition bitters is a must have for cocktail enthusiast’s around the world.

Barrel Aged Aromatic ~ Ingredients: Mountain Spring Water, Alcohol, Organic Extracts of Gentian, Black Walnut, Cacao, Cardamom and other secret herbs & spices.

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